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Betania Sikora is an internationally published fashion/beauty/lifestyle/portrait photographer based in Manhattan.  Her work is known to capture each subject in the perfect moment, when the subject has forgotten they are in front of the camera and are being their true and beautiful self.  For Betania, these are the moments of pure excellence and beauty.

Born and raised in Southern California, Betania grew up appreciating the small details of everyday life that make the world interesting.  She studied art from an early age and fell in love with the human form and how, through lighting and composition, it could be artistically captured.

She began her photography career by becoming an event photographer.  Through event photography, she learned how to recognize the perfect moment, that pivotal moment that will capture the people and event and ambience, and create a beautiful memory.  It was when she moved to NYC that she pursued her passion and love of fashion photography.

Betania has built a strong team and lasting relationships with others in the industry.  Her belief in positive energy has made working with her an enjoyable experience for all involved.  Her reliability in setting up successful shoots, working with the industry professionals to create lasting collaborations and dedicating endless energy to make sure everyone receives what they were promised has created a positive reputation for Betania within the industry.

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